The purpose of a Phase I ESA is to identify recognized environmental conditions on a subject property and in the vicinity of …read more
The general objective of a Phase II investigation is to evaluate subsurface conditions for the possible presence of chemical impact…read more
The general objective of remedial response actions is to minimize and eliminate contaminant migration and clean up a property …read more


Welcome to TRAK Environmental Group, Inc. TRAK Environmental Group, Inc. is a unique environmental engineering, research and investigation firm that specializes in evaluating and correcting potential environmental liabilities associated with the acquisition, operation, divestiture, or transfer of real property.

TRAK distinguishes itself by relating to pragmatic business issues while solving clients’ environmental concerns, and can strike the right balance between regulatory demands and good business sense. TRAK’s professional team is comprised of registered and certified engineers, geologists, soil scientists, environmental assessors, researchers, historians and project support personnel.

Successful management of projects in these areas of expertise stems from TRAK’s ability to pool the knowledge, experience, and professional integrity of team specialists under the guidance of a company principal who is expert in environmental quality issues. The project team is committed to providing superior value through high-quality, fairly-priced services designed to meet project needs. By working in partnership with clients, TRAK is able to provide project flexibility and responsiveness.

Founded upon a solid technical base in 1993, TRAK has built a strong professional reputation amongst our clients, technical peers, and the regulatory community. TRAK professionals have honed their career growth by successfully negotiating the complexities of California’s regulatory climate, and are positioned to apply this expertise to every project.


Bradford S. Newman

Trak President

Robert Cashier

Env. Program Director

Paul C. Salmonsen

Env. Engineer


  • Agriculture
  • Development
  • Agriculture
  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Petrochemical
  • Transportation
  • Water Wastewater