Paul C. Salmonsen - Manager, Remediation and Field Services

Mr. Salmonsen has over twenty years of experience as a project manager and environmental engineer.  He is experienced and skilled in site assessment and field operations, remediation system design, installation and operation.  His areas of specialized technical competence include systems analysis and design, planning and implementation of site-specific cleanup projects, reporting and regulatory compliance.

Representative Experience

  • Conducted site investigations to achieve agency file closure.
  • Planned and performed subsurface site investigations for sites including workplan preparation, permit acquisition, soil borings, soil sampling and well installation.
  • Designed, installed, developed, tested, and sampled groundwater monitoring wells - evaluated soil and groundwater contamination.
  • Designed upgrades to existing groundwater systems.
  • Responsible for electrical and mechanical design of soil vapor extraction systems.
  • Performed operation and maintenance of remediation systems including thermal oxidation systems and activated carbon adsorption systems.
  • Performed to completion relative elevation survey of groundwater table.
  • Operated 20 ton Cone Penetrometer Testing Rig used to interpret soil conditions, conducted soil, soil vapor and water sampling utilizing CPT tools.
  • Performed calculations on slope stability, moisture density relationships and soil strengths.
  • Acquired groundwater monitoring well, construction, and encroachment permits.

Other Professional Experience

SECOR International, Inc. - Associate Engineer
Holguin, Fahan & Associates - Environmental Engineer
Bradley Engineering - Assistant Engineer/Technician

Academic Background

B.S. Environmental Resources Engineering - Humboldt State University, Arcata
With and emphasis on Geotechnical Engineering
Hazardous Materials Management Program - University of California, Santa Barbara


OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.120